Karine Falck-Pedersen at the South Pole

Kästle, announces that pro team athlete Karine Falck-Pedersen has been chosen for Norway’s OneCall Expedition Antarctica 2011 centennial expedition team. The purpose of the trip is to reach the South Pole on the 100-year anniversary of Norwegian Roald Amundsen’s historic feat of leading the first Antarctic expedition to reach the South Pole on December 14, 1911.

Pedersen’s interest was peaked at the beginning of the summer when she saw that OneCall, Devold & Bergans was accepting applications for a commemorative expedition. She made the first round of consideration by being one of the 100 chosen for the summer long challenge from a field of 4000 applicants. The next few months would see her participating in “mini-camps.” At the onset of the camps there were 50 women and 50 men, competitors were pared down after each camp until the final six, three men and three women were picked to make the Antarctic trek. Karine made it through all of the camps and will depart on November 15th, with an estimated return three to five weeks later; the length of the expedition depends on the weather.

“Hearing my name being called up at the final camp as the second girl out of three was much unreal, says Falck-Pedersen. “Even though you're standing there, knowing you've given it your best, pulled through, and feel confident about the effort and performance you put forth, you are standing there with 17 others who most definitely should be feeling the exact same way. I am beyond excited for this upcoming adventure, and as a Norwegian I am honored to be able to pay tribute to such a historic figure and his achievement.”

During the mini-camps, contestants were judged on a variety of challenges relating to physical stamina, athleticism, logistics/orienteering, teamwork and mental strength/attitude. Falck-Pedersen’s ski racing background that has forayed into international freeskiing comp scene no doubt provided a competitive edge. Preparations will continue in the coming months. In a few weeks the expedition group heads to Folgefonna (glacier in Norway) in mid September to learn how to kite, work on team dynamics, as well as practice all of the logistics of Antarctic travel.

For more detailed information on the expedition go to: http://www.onecall.no/wintercamp2011/ (Norwegian only)



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