„I have seen KÄSTLE skis around and thought they looked awesome!

While I was in Australia, I tried some out and loved them so much I brought a pair of RX 12’s and they are incredible; such good power and edge to edge grip. I’m now hooked and have wanted to get some twin tips and big mountain KÄSTLE’s ever since! I would love have a whole set of KÄSTLE skis for all the different types of skiing that I do.“

I started skiing since I was 3 years old and have loved it ever since. I have been teaching on dry slopes in the UK for 5 years now and I have done a season in Whistler, Canada and Perisher, Australia.


In Whistler I did some training in steeps, pist performance, bumps, park and pipe. I loved the steeps in the deep powder cruising the open bowls and in the trees; always assessing the terrain and having to alter my technique to accommodate it. Along with lining up a few cliff drops, this really gets the heart pumping!


I also really enjoyed the super pipe and managed to get out. It was pretty scary at first, although I loved it! Unfortunately, the pipe ended my season with a damaged MCL knee ligament from trying a mute grab 540 spin out and not landing it as I had anticipated…

Still determined to nail it!


Chip Crouch
United Kingdom
Favourite Spot:
Ski Instructor

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