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„The best skis on earth. They make what you want and they make them perfectly.“

Colby is a triple X-Games medal winner, and one of the superstars in the field of freestyle skiing. Other than a lot of his competitors, Colby is speaking out to more than just the hardcore freestyle market – this is to most part due to his character and talent, that he shows whenever you turn the camera on. SKIING magazine just titled him “ski industry’s funny man”. KÄSTLE is developing with Colby James West her first freestyle line, with its launch in December 2011.

Colby James West
United States
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100% West - @ Twitter & Facebook


Kästle presents new Twintip-Line

Kästle presents new Twintip-Line

Colby James West Freestyle - Models.

Details about Colby James West

Skiing Background:

Started skiing around age 13 with my school, but started jumping at age 16. Did the race program at school, but did half the races backwards and skipped most practices to jump in the park. Left college at age 19 to try my hand at the contest circuit and it worked out pretty well. Been enjoying making fun videos and doing pipe and slope contests ever since.

Biggest success:

3 X Games medals, a US Open Big Air win, and 4 years of filming segments with MSP, Warren Miller, Level 1, and SAS Films.

The spirit of skiing:

Skiing is about fun. It never loses its magic.

The most risky experience:

Heli skiing in Switzerland. That was scary. I admire the big mountain boys. They have no fear, it seems.

The most painful experience:

Being injured and watching my friends compete.

The ultimate day on the mountain:

Sun, slushy snow, and a perfect 90 foot jump.

What goes throught your head before dropping a big face/ doing a trick?

Mostly adrenaline and complete focus on the what I am about to do. It's important to picture exactly what you want to have happen. If I can't see my trick or line completely unfolding in my head, then I can't do it.

Three reasons why KÄSTLE:

When I signed on with Kastle, I had no doubt that they were going to make the best twin-tip skis money could by. They have a great technical team and a wonderful drive to make skiing better.

What do you do in summer?

Ski! New Zealand, water ramps,

Role models/ Idols that inspire you?

Pep Fujas, James Woods, Simon Dumont, and Tom Wallisch. I love watching those guys ski. They make it look so easy! Shane McConkey was and still is my favorite comedic skier.


Soccer, frisbee, and writing. I also enjoy doing impressions and voice overs.

Slope Style @ X Games (3rd Place)

Super Pipe @ X Games (3rd Place)

Big Air @ US Open (1st Place)

Slope Style @ X Games (3rd Place)

Segmente in Warren Miller, MSP and several web edits.

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