„Perfect team partner, innovative products, Kastle are not only a business but share our passion for ski“

Graham Austick
United Kingdom
Lyngen Alps, Norwegen
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UIAGM Mountain Guide

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Details about Graham Austick

Skiing Background:

Driven by exploration on skis into remote mountains. This personal quest to explore has taken me to marvellous destinations around the world that have provided unforgettable skiing memories including first descents, 10th descents! And skiing with excellent skiing comrades.

The spirit of skiing:

Helps me not take life too seriously, even though my business is skiing!

The most risky experience:

Being hit by a hurricane and icebergs while sailing in Greenland

The most painful experience:

Reaching earth on my second solo freefall skydive, it was too fast and hard….

The ultimate day on the mountain:

Standing on a summit in the Lyngen Alps Norway at 1am under the midnight sun.

What goes throught your head before dropping a big face/ doing a trick?

To focus, relax and trust my decisions through my gut feeling.

Reminescence about KÄSTLE:

Great connections through the Warren Miller film when they visited the Lyngen Lodge and I had the pleasure of hosting C.Davenport, L.Huber and K.F. Perdersen. From then on Sigi and I are mates and enjoy being involved creating new products with KÄSTLE.

Three reasons why KÄSTLE:

Innovative, creative and cutting edge products

What do you do in summer?

I run the Lyngen Lodge and activities in Norway.

Role models/ Idols that inspire you?

Mother Nature and the light from which we all came from and will return too. Amen.


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