„Kästle is a company with character due to the strength of a young and passionate team.“

Jakob Schweighofer
Mondsee, Austria
Favourite Spot:
On my gilfriend's side
UIAGM Mountain Guide, Confectioner

Details about Jakob Schweighofer

Skiing Background:

In my childhood there was nothing better than grabbing the skis after school and go skiing in the backyard of my parents' house. Since then my fun with skiing is unbroken.

The spirit of skiing:

Mountaineering for me is much more than just obtaining accomplishments. In skiing and climbing I get to know my strengths and weaknesses, I learn what it means to bear a goal in mind and I learn which deprivations are necessary to reach them but above all I learn what is important form me and for other lives .

The ultimate day on the mountain:

With a good friend on the side, every day is an ultimate day!

The most painful experience:

When friends aren`t coming back from the mountains.

The most risky experience:

While climbing in Karakoram/Pakistan last summer, I was reminded impressively to have deep respect of the mountain world we are living in. I experienced how breakable I am and which consequences decisions can have.

What goes throught your head before dropping a big face/ doing a trick?

I try to memorise my line and ask myself if it is in my abilities. I obtain all collected information’s and when every detail suits I drop in.

Reminescence about KÄSTLE:

Back then I admired the ski pros on their Kästle skis. Good that Kästle is back with passion and a perfect product for us passionated mountain people.

Three reasons why KÄSTLE:

1. Austrian Craftsmanship

2. Passionate Company

3. The result: skis with character


Role models/ Idols that inspire you?

Dodo Kopold and Steve House for their creative and minimalistic ascents.

Heli Putz for his visionary entrepreneurial ideas. My friends who are mentors and motivators in daily life.

What do you do in summer?

Enjoying being outside. Most of the time I go climbing with friends.

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