„I knew KÄSTLE because of Warren Miller’s films and I bought my first TX87 last year to do some serious steep skiing (Lyskamm’s North face). I am really impressed about this ski; it's super light, long (I’m quite a big guy, I love long skis) and it has the aggressivity I like on a ski made to ride the steeps.


My reason to be part of KÄSTLE XPlorer? That’s because I think of myself as an explorer too.

Well, what can I say? I’m 22 years old and I’m studying medicine right now. I started skiing when I was 4 and started freeriding at about 15. It was love at first sight. I begun shredding powder under the lifts then I started looking to the backcountry and I didn’t look back. Right now I’m more ski-mountaineering oriented. I think that for me the true meaning of skiing is exploring to find the perfect spot and the perfect snow, without some fatigue and some skinning or climbing you just end up with the crowd… I enjoy the most the solitude of the mountains and the company of few passionate friends

My background is pretty small if looking to all the lines that are possible to ski in Monte Rosa… I’m sure I will enlarge it this year!


Luca Zattoni
Favourite Spot:
Monte Rosa and Mont Blanc, just too difficult to choose between them

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