„KÄSTLE skis embody precision, innovation and passion in modern ski construction.“

Mike Bromberg
United States
Crested Butte, CO
Home Spot:
überall wo der Schnee tief ist und das Abenteuer groß
Favourite Spot:
Anywhere the snow is deep and the adventure is high
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Details about Mike Bromberg

Skiing Background:

I learned to ski from an early age on the icy pistes of Eastern Canada and explored snowboarding and telemark skiing for a decade before returning to fixed heel skiing. All the while I was redefining what was most important about the snow riding experience.

The spirit of skiing:

Finding challenge and adventure through backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering. The mountains have so much to offer us when we seek out those rich experiences.

The most risky experience:

Early morning avalanche mitigation missions in a notoriously unstable continental snowpack.

The ultimate day on the mountain:

A challenging tour both physically and mentally. Unknown terrain, big decisions and steep descents.

What goes throught your head before dropping a big face/ doing a trick?

Once the decision to commit has been made, I try to focus on the skiing and ignore the potential consequences. I often find myself with a nearly overwhelming sense of privilege.

Reminescence about KÄSTLE:

The KÄSTLE logo is an image that reminds me of skiing as a kid, to me it’s a mark that is synonymous with skiing.

Three reasons why KÄSTLE:

1. Craftsmanship 2. Innovation 3. Precision

What do you do in summer?

I facilitate alpine climbing and rock climbing experiences worldwide. In recent years I’ve been connecting guests to the mountains of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. When not climbing, I enjoy mountain biking. It’s the closest thing to skiing in the summer.

Role models/ Idols that inspire you?

Family and friends who are role models to the greater community, and inspire others to live extraordinary lives.


Inspiring others to challenge themselves to achieve unique things. Multisport mountain adventures.

Trip into the Northern Selkirk mountains of British Columbia. Together with his partners he completed a long 50 mile traverse through one of the wildest parts of the range filming the entire journey for a ski mountaineering film.

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