„Skiing is not just style and design, it’s quality and passion – ride Kästle!“

Signing Sascha Schmid for the Kästle Pro Team was a stroke of luck. The Swiss rider brings many years of international experience as a teamrider and a consultant for numerous ski companies. For the past several years he has run his own shop “Free Mountain” in Thun, Switzerland - specializing in free skiing and free ride bikes. Sascha was totally convinced after testing Kästle skis for the first time – for him riding on the Kästle team is a matter that is near to his heart.

Sascha Schmid
Home Spot:
überall am Eiger
Favourite Spot:
everywhere at the Eiger
Freeskier, business man, father

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Details about Sascha Schmid

Skiing Background:

Sascha started skiing at the early age of three and eventually began racing locally and then later in FIS alpine races. After racing, he became a ski instructor for several years in Gstaad, Switzerland. A ski trip to the US totally changed his attitude towards the sport; he realized that back in Switzerland the best skiing took place where few people skied, off-piste in the powder. He became one of the first European freeskiers. In 1998, he finished eighth on the World Tour, which qualified him for the Honda-Salomon Team. In the following years, he competed at several freeski and skiercross contests for the team such as the Red bull Snowthrill and the Yoz Games. Since 2002, he has focused on freeskiing for magazines and photo shoots for his sponsors. In 2006 he accepted invitations to the Engadin Snow and the Red Bull Snowthrill in Gressonay. One of my most important personal wishes is to share my experience with young talents through my Freeski Pro Shop and as an active rider.

The spirit of skiing:

Free skiing is not just about being cool and dropping the highest cliff – first it is about the respect that we have to have for nature, enjoying the fresh air and the white powder.

The most risky experience:

Because of my experience I never go so far to get in real danger because I know what I am capable of and where my limits are.

The most painful experience:

When a friend of mine died in an avalanche during a photo shoot.

The ultimate day on the mountain:

For me every day is an ultimate day as long as I can ski, no matter what the weather and the snow conditions are like. Of course, it is perfect when the sky is blue and there is more than a meter of fresh powder.

What goes throught your head before dropping a big face/ doing a trick?

I look for the perfect line and then I think again if I have considered everything to minimize the risk.

Three reasons why KÄSTLE:

1. Kästle stands for quality and design. 2. Kästle works in a professional environment. 3. Kästle communicates in a direct way and has a lot of potential.

What do you do in summer?

Thun lies in the heart of the Alps surrounded by mountains beside a wonderful lake where you have countless sport possibilities. Hiking, wakeboarding, tennis and walking with my family – I do just about everything.

Role models/ Idols that inspire you?

Glen Plake, one of the most competent free skiers who took free skiing to where it is today.


Monika, my wife, my daughter Alina and my son Noel.

Red Bull Jungfrau-Stafette (7th Place)

Red Bull Jungfrau-Stafette (5th Place)

Red Bull Jungfrau-Stafette (7th Place)

"Final Cut"

"UP and Down" (greenhornfilms)

Secret Spot (greenhornfilms)

"Territorium" (greenhornfilms)

"Natural High" (Samuel Gyger)

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