„Since 30 years KÄSTLE knows how to build good skis and it continues.“

Stefan Urfer
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Details about Stefan Urfer

Biggest success:

I made my passion to my profession.

The spirit of skiing:

Follow me to the mountains and you will see.

The most risky experience:

As an alpine guide I try to avoid difficult situations, but there is always some kind of residual risk left.

The most painful experience:

Brain Concussion when I was snowboarding, since that I prefer skiing ;-)

The ultimate day on the mountain:

Standing on a lonely summit after a long ascent through untouched snow. Perfect weather and snow conditions, dead silence so you can only hear the beat of your heart. But the best is still to come, the descent. It’s a real treat to leave your signature in the untouched snow.

What goes throught your head before dropping a big face/ doing a trick?

Did I mentioned all risks, did I choose the right line…? And I ask myself the big question, if I really want to drop down this face or if it’s too risky? But at least there is only one thought left: balls to the wall and have fun!

Reminescence about KÄSTLE:

When I was a little boy, I watched the big success of Pirmin Zurbirggen with his Kästle Skis on TV.

Three reasons why KÄSTLE:

1. Young – but full of know-how 2. High quality products 3. Variety of products

What do you do in summer?

I do all kind of mountaineering - walking around with guests or friends.

Role models/ Idols that inspire you?

Former alpinists, because they made big projects without all the equipment you can use today.


To spend all time in the mountains, together with guests or friends.

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