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Kästle is quality

Functionality. Individuality.

Our Vison exceed the expectations.

We believe that in order to create the highest quality products, we must exceed the expectations of the most demanding users. Nowhere are the demands and stresses on ski performance greater than in professional ski racing.

Our development group includes an impressive roster of professional ski racers, engineers and designers with long resumes in the ski industry. All our skis are built to world cup standards. Fundamentally, our product development philosophy is simple.

We ask the question, “What can we add to improve ski performance and what can we take away?” We strip away the gimmicks and gizmos that plague many skis and focus on functional technology. The result: advanced and elegant ski designs that deliver uncompromising performance.

Philosophy - Passion for Skiing

Our experience and passion for skiing, combined with the most advanced ski manufacturing techniques, ensure the highest quality products, built for the most discerning skiers. Kästle’s vision is to create the perfect symbiosis of man, mountain and snow with our ski systems.

We are a small tribe of life-long skiers with extensive experience in the ski manufacturing industry. We came together because we share a passion for skiing and a desire to build the world’s best ski systems from the finest materials available. Quality over quantity is not just a motto at Kästle; it’s a way of life. In our opinion, quality is not the optimization of production, but the optimization of our products to meet the demands of our customers.

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