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With all Kästle Adventure Tours, the costs to reach the meeting point for the tour are not included in the price.

After booking a tour, participants will receive all necessary tour information including hotel address and meeting point, program and contact information.

On all Kästle Adventure Tours, guests are required to use Kästle skis. If guests do not have Kästle equipment or the appropriate equipment for the tour, Kästle Adventure Tours will provide it free of charge.

Kästle Adventure Tours provides the required ski equipment for each particular tour. In general, there will be more than one ski model available on each tour. You have the chance to test professionally tuned Kästle ski equipment which will be individually adjusted on location and available for your personal use. Your Kästle Pro Athlete will advise you in the best ski choice for you. It is our top priority to ensure all our participants a maximum level of performance and safety for the tour. Please note that you must bring your own ski boots or ski touring boots.

We also provide you with a complete avalanche safety equipment pack, including a backpack, avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe. If you do have your own safety equipment however we recommend you to use this for the duration of the tour, since it is always preferable to work and become familiar with your own personal rescue equipment. Please let us know in due course if you will require avalanche safety equipment for the tour.

Skiing is an activity which can result in injury or even death. At any time during one of the tours, any unforeseen incidents could occur. For this reason, we strongly recommend each participant organises a travel, emergency, and evacuation insurance before commencement of the tour.

The snow flakes illustrate the skiing level required to safely participate in each Kästle Adventure Tour.

Depending on the amount of snow flakes, each participant can judge for themselves whether he/she is suited for the tour. This ensures a maximum of enjoyment and challenge for participants.

Please take the time to read through the following description carefully in order to choose the snow flake category which suits you best.




Proficient on-piste skier

You are an experienced skier on pistes/groomers. You can parallel short turn in steep terrain on the piste without any problems. You have little experience off-piste but might have tried skiing off-piste in medium steep terrain if the conditions are good. You are fit enough to ski for several hours (3-4hrs) with a break.



Proficient skier with off-piste experience

You are a strong skier who feels comfortable with any conditions or difficulty level on groomers. You can ski medium steep terrain with high speeds without losing control.  You have experience skiing off-piste, in powder snow, and can ski mixed terrain with moguls/ bumps while keeping the skis parallel. You are fit enough to comfortably walk short ascents and to ski for 4-5 hours a day (with breaks).



Proficient off-piste skier

You are already a proficient off-piste skier. You can comfortably ski moderate steep terrain in powder while keeping a consistent speed. You can ski all types of off-piste snow conditions. You may also have had training for the correct use of avalanche rescue equipment (avalanche beacon, probe and shovel). You have experience with ascents either by carrying your skis on your shoulder/backpack or using climbing skins. You are fit enough to comfortably walk short ascents and to ski 4-5 hrs over a duration of 3 to 7 days (with breaks).



Experienced Freerider

You have years of experience and good technique in off-piste skiing. You may also have had training for the correct use of avalanche rescue equipment (avalanche beacon, probe and shovel). Most of your skiing takes place outside the controlled and groomed slopes. You can safely ski steep couloirs and rocky terrain. You can undertake longer ascents by carrying your skis on your backpack and/or using climbing skins. You are used to ascents of several hours during skiing (1–2) and are fit enough to ski long descents over a duration of several days (3-7; with breaks).

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KÄSTLE skis are characterized by state of the art quality, profound experience in product development and strong passion: characteristics that are also reflected in the KÄSTLE Adventure Tours.

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