Back to the roots: KÄSTLE Ski moves to Hohenems

KÄSTLE, will relocate its headquarters to where it all began 90 years ago in Hohenems, Austria.  The brand will set up an operations center combined with R&D in one building in the Vorarlberg region.

The historic building that used to be the head office of the renowned KÄSTLE enterprise in the past will host all management functions, including administration and marketing, as well as product development. Logistics will remain in Wels, located in upper Austria and KÄSTLE USA will maintain its Colorado headquarters.

In parallel, the owners of KÄSTLE will take over a majority in Hohenems-based Differences GmbH, a manufacturer of high-end skis and composite products. The capability to produce small lots will allow KÄSTLE to come out with individually fabricated skis and tailor-made designs.

Rainer Nachbaur, founder and chief developer of Differences, will keep a 25% stake in the company, providing for the innovation of a successful small enterprise to remain. Both brands – KÄSTLE and Differences – will continue to exist side by side.

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