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intuitive and individual: the new KÄSTLE-Website

October 3, 2012 (Salzburg, Austria) –Kästle’s updated website aims to give users a visual brand experience with intuitive, quick product overviews, that navigate easily accessed in-depth supporting details.


The site features the same quality innovation that the Kastle brand is known for, combining the latest in website technologies and features. The site takes a technical approach with the most recent in HTML5 web standards allows optimal viewing of Kästle products on all devices from smartphones to desktop computers.


The new navigation and screen designs offer a state-of-the-art user experience, developed from what market research data concluded how users were interested in viewing brand and product information. Existing interactive tools such as the ski-binding configuration, the product finder and the dealer search functions were developed to offer information at a basic level with simple horizontal navigation to the most detailed elements. The site also features full integration of all social media channels from both the brand to Athletes/Pro Team, Guide Team, and Academy team into the environment.  Individual pages are dynamic, with live feed from all outlets such as Twitter and Instagram, providing up to the minute expedition and competition updates and images from around the world.


“Our objective for the 2012-13 website was to prove the fullest digital brand experience available, with easy navigation on all devices from tablets to desktops. We focused on showing product in the environment it works best in, with as much technical detail as viewers wish to discover.” states Kästle President, Siegfried Rumpfhuber. “The site’s overall feel, conveys Kästle’s inherent characteristics of performance and technology while displaying complete product offerings, it is the most comprehensive on-line resource for Kästle.”


KÄSTLE is a specialized ski manufacturer from Austria founded in 1924. KÄSTLE has driven the evolution of ski production decade after decade by continuous manufacturing and design innovations, offering products defined by high quality and performance.  Patented Hollowtech and timeless, clean black and white graphics distinguish KÄSTLE skis. Each ski has the latest in wood core, sandwich construction and Hollowtech technology. KÄSTLE offers a full selection of dedicated freeride-, freestyle-, allmountain- and touring skis. Kästle skis are available at specialty North American and European retailers. For more information, visit

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