Kästle's FX & TX Skis

If you want to leave impressive tracks, you need the perfect equipment.

If you want to leave impressive tracks, you need the perfect equipment.

KÄSTLE is an Austrian company based in the heart of the Alps. Quality is our priority. Quality has two meanings to us: first, purposeful and performance-oriented product development; secondly, building respectful and sustainable relationships with our partners and the mountains. Our products are uncompromisingly built to the highest standards. We strip away the gimmicks and gizmos that plague many skis and focus on functional technology. The result: advanced and elegant ski designs that deliver uncompromising performance.

In 1979 KÄSTLE introduced the legendary “Tour Randonnée” at the time the lightest touring ski in the world. The neon yellow ski quickly became an icon for high performance randonnée skiing in the 80’s. In 2011, the legend returns, becoming a flagship for KÄSTLE’s latest developments in ski touring.

The KÄSTLE randonnée models in the TX line are as light as the market leaders in the ski touring segment, but at the same time deliver the extraordinary skiing performance you expect from the KÄSTLE brand. Modern, freeride-inspired sidecuts meet super light constructions. The two widest models feature Early Rise technology providing excellent float.

KÄSTLE’s freeski models in the FX Line are the choice for dedicated skiers who demand the best. The innovation is in the construction. Proprietary, razor-thin titanal sheets combined with a block-laminated poplar wood core create what is today the lightest metal laminated ski on the market. FX skis feature classic camber technology delivering the utmost in precision, confidence and responsiveness. A modern sidecut combines carving abilities inbounds, while delivering the stability of a freeski in any condition on any mountain.

Both the TX and FX line feature Kästle’s Hook Free Shovel geometry, for improved ski stability particularly in variable snow conditions such as breakable crud. The widest point of the shovel shifts the sidecut, compared to traditional concepts, towards the center. This makes the ski more forgiving and less aggressive. The gradual transition from sidecut into the shovel delivers an easy turn initiation.

KÄSTLE TX touring skis are for the ski mountaineer that request the lightest in weight without compromising on ski performance.

KÄSTLE FX freeskiing models are for dedicated skiers that are looking for proven technology in ski geometry, with the latest advancements in ski construction. Delivering a precise and responsive ski in any condition.

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