SUMMITS4KIDS is a non-profit association born from the willl to make a difference in the inequalities of today's world.

During the past years, the three girls have spent a lot of time exploring mountains all over the world. Traveling has confronted them with the contrasts of modern globalization; coming from wealthy countries, they enjoy the immens luck of being able to turn their passion into their job. Other young people do not have such perspectives, sometimes having to worry about how to get at the end of the day.

Building bridges in between these opposite universes, one rich of countless opportunities and the other stuck in the hard reality of the living without a choice, is the core idea of SUMMIT4KIDS.

Advantaging of their media contacts, support from sponsors and their recognition in the skiing scene, in the summer 2009 the girls decided to put together their strength into the concept of creating a platform for other athletes in order to create a support network to help charity assocations invoved with children requiring assistance. Projects that run under the name SUMMITS4KIDS set up a mountaineering goal and combine it with the challenge to fundraise for kids' projects in the county where they are carrierd out.

SUMMITS4KIDS ains at supporting small, trustful concrete programs, that work invovling native adults in the role of teachers, doctors or psychologists helping children of any range of age, boys and girls who are in need.

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