Skiers ride Kästle

They are out in the snow, no matter how cold it is or how much the wind blows. They arrive early in the morning, cover themselves at low temperatures in down and Primaloft and have the snow chains prepared in their cars from September to May. When the first flakes fall, they restlessly move around on their office chairs, joking about every inch of cold snow. They get a tingling sensation when the weather forecast promises snow and can only enter into a relationship with people, who also go to bed with a morning ski plan and have read the avalanche report. They are looking for jobs near the mountains and do not want to miss out on skiing. They are the first to access the breakfast buffet in the hotel, but also the last ones standing at night preparing their skis. They are enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and fanatic deep snow hunters

The weekend was once again awesome. On Friday left 40 cm of fresh snow arrived. The congestion on the roads in the ski areas were predictable. But only for those who have left their beds too late. The skiers were already in the first gondolas, they studied the maps, checked their lines and made the first turns on untouched slopes. Because skiers are prepared, not only in regards to conditions and equipment. Skiers are always in the right place at the right time. They know where to go when and when. Skiers have friends with the same ambitions. Skiers share their passion. Skiers do not count on ski days and downhill slopes. Skiers are out until the lifts close and the sun goes down. Skiers come back to the office on Monday morning with a smile on their goggle-tanned faces.


These are experts:


Lorraine Huber, comes from the deep snows of Lech am Arlberg, and has been a competitor in the Freeride World Tour for many years. She loves deep snow when she can feel weightlessness in the powder. These ski days make her happy. One of her favorite companions is the KÄSTLE BMX105HP.


Chris Davenport, the summit pioneer from Aspen, has climbed and skied all 54 peaks over 4,000 m in his home state of Colorado in just one year. He has been every category of skier: racer, freerider and ski mountaineer. For him, however, the most common, adventurous experiences are with friends in the mountains. One of his favorites is the KÄSTLE FX95HP from his signature line.




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