1. Guarantor and guarantee period
Kästle GmbH („KÄSTLE“) grants to you as purchaser of the present product a manufacturer‘s guarantee for 2 years. The term of the manufacturers guarantee commences on the date of purchase, provided that purchaser registered the product - more.

2. Scope of the guarantee
The manufacturer‘s guarantee is valid for products purchased in all countries, which are registered within 2 months after purchase under product registration. Under this guarantee, you are entitled to claims in case of defects in material and production defects but not for damage caused by misuse or improper maintenance, changes to the product or interferences with the product not authorised by KÄSTLE, accidents or similar circumstances unless you prove that these circumstances did not cause the defect. Wear parts (e.g. Edges) are not included in the manufacturer‘s guarantee.

3. Guarantee services
In a guarantee event KÄSTLE will, at its own discretion, repair or replace the defective product free of charge. The product may also be replaced with an equivalent refurbished product or a successor model. The guarantee does not include compensation for damage due to loss of use or costs or damage resulting from a defect, e.g. costs for a rental ski. The guarantee for the repaired or replaced product runs for the remaining term of the original guarantee. Defective parts which are replaced by KÄSTLE shall become KÄSTLE‘s property.

If you send in a product although a guarantee event does not exist, KÄSTLE shall send the product back without repairing it or, in agreement with you, repair it against payment on the basis of an advance cost estimate.

4. Claims under the Guarantee
In order to claim for guarantee services, kindly contact Kästle GmbH, Linzerstraße 49, 4600 Wels/Austria. When returning the product, proof of purchase to the product is to be attached indicating dealer, purchase date and point of purchase of the product. The return shipment is at your expense.

5. Limitation of liability
KÄSTLE shall be liable for damage caused by or in connection with the rendering of guarantee services only in the event of intent or gross negligence. Liability under product liability law, for malice and in the event of injury to life, limb or health shall not be affected thereby. The liability limitations shall also apply to claims against KÄSTLE‘s employees or agents.

6. Further-reaching claims
Your statutory claims to replacement delivery, repair, rescission of the contract, or reduction of the purchase price as well as damages to which you, as purchaser, are entitled against the seller in the event of defects in the product shall not be affected by this manufacturer’s guarantee.

Wels, October 2012

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